Royal Wedding Tulip – Once Upon A Time

2011 – From a mother of the groom point of view, I was compelled to paint this tulip.
I was married one month after Princess Diana, like Diana I have 2 boys- my own princes Matthew and Taylor.
My oldest son Matthew married his Princess Bride Ashley, 1 month after the Prince William’s wedding to Catherine.
As an admirer of “everything Diana” and understanding the immense love she had for her boys, I intended to portray the love of a Prince for his Princess and the never ending love between the son and his mother.
Prior to the wedding day, I portrayed William and Catherine and the engagement ring, the ring of utmost importance to William, his mother’s ring.
I also focused on the 2 smaller tulip petals,another engagement photo of William portectively embracing Catherine and an image of a very young Prince presenting a handful of posies to his mum. Then very early on the morning of the wedding, I was up to watch and paint the remainder of the tulip.
The balcony kiss and the two flowergirls, the bouquet of flowers, the royal stagecoach, his and her Royal Crests. Over the following few days, I painted nonstop in order to have the tulip ready and delivered to the opening of the Canadian Tulip Festival one week later.

I created and produced a leather bound book about this tulip. The book was filled with photos of every painted detail, my artist statement and the explanation  of everything incorporated into the design. I presented the book to Joel Girouard, the Director of  State Ceremonial and Protocol with the Department of Canadian Heritage. Joel is responsible for all Royal Tours and escorts the Royals while in Canada. Joel personally sent the book to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

The following special feature photos are the amazing work of Arnprior photographer Glen Howard. These photos were included in the leather bound book that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received by way of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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