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NEW FOR 2017

~Unleash Your Inner Artist

& Unlock Your Imagination~ 

The “heART” transformation begins in 2017!

In my home studio I welcome you to a fun and soul enriching experience through acrylic and mixed media painting. I personally know the importance of the creative process. So whether you need to release a little or a lot of stress from your life, painting is an excellent way to de-stress and flow into your own internal peaceful place.

ATRAXIA (at-uh-rak-see-uh) means a state of freedom, tranquility, calmness and piece of mind from emotional disturbance and anxiety.                                

Atraxia through “heART” will protect our internal peace from external chaos in these rapidly changing times that can easily produce anxiety, depression and in extreme life altering circumstances, PTSD. Contact me and together we can focus on you achieving your own state of atraxia.  

“There are no mistakes only opportunities of wonder! You simply cannot go wrong in the creative process as creative expression produces magical art.” Jill


~ heART Studio ~

Classes, Workshops

Paint Parties & Overnight Art Retreats

~ Classes & workshops ~ private, semi private & groups:

Stress free and suitable for absolute beginners wanting to start with the basics to more advanced painters wanting to incorporate new techniques to their repertoire. Work at your own pace on projects with subject matter that excite you! Bring your canvas, any acrylic paints and brushes you have. Absolute beginners can use my brushes and paints. I will advise on acrylic paint brands and brush purchases. Special projects can require additional supplies, if desired. Assorted acrylic mediums, metallic foils, etc will be available for purchase. Contact me with your preferred days and times and we can determine the time slot for you.

Instructional Fees:

Private class $24 per hour (2.5 hr $60 – 6 hr. workshop $144).

Semi private $18 per hour per person (2.5 hr $45 – 6 hr. workshop $108).

Groups of 4+ $14 per hr. per person (2.5 hr $35 – 6 hr. workshop $84).

Class times 10-12:30, 1-3:30, 7-9:30pm. Workshops 10-4pm.

Beverages/snacks included. Bring your lunch for day workshops.

Personalized Paint Parties~ for groups of 5 to 12:

Create your own paint party.  All you need to do is assemble family and friends for a 2.5-3 hour session of painting. The focus is on both fun and learning techniques.                                  

Tell me your preference of subject matter – floral – landscape – seasonally related – etc….. in advance and I will create a design for your party.                                                                 

$50 per person – I provide all the supplies (canvases, paint, brushes, aprons) and non alcoholic beverages.                                                                                                                        Your party will provide whatever finger foods you’d like and wine if desired. *Designated drivers will be determined in advance/in writing if wine is consumed*

Option 1. * For a limited time * choose to be the hostess for your party of 10-12 participants. As a thank you for making the arrangements, receive your class for free! In advance, decide the painting theme, arrange for whatever food and wine you wish to have and determine your designated drivers.

Option 2. $50 per person for smaller groups with a minimum of 5 participants. Bring your finger foods and wine if desired.

Option 3. Have a 2 session class using palette knife to create texture. Session 1 create your design using gel medium and palette knife. Come back in a couple days or a week later and apply the paint. $110 per person. Class size is limited to 5-8 participants. Bring your finger foods and wine if desired.


Overnight heART Retreats ~ for 2 to 4 people:

Serene tranquil country meets soul lifting river view and the result is an artistically enriched studio environment. Two 2nd. floor bedrooms with queen size beds and connecting full size bathroom are directly off the studio. Sitting area and kitchenette space complete this unique studio setting. Enjoy a glass of wine on the balcony, on the covered piazza or at the beach bonfire overlooking a second to none river view. Relaxation and inspiration will result in a 2 day creative rich experience for you and your favorite friend(s). Contact me with your preferred dates. Pack an overnight bag and include your favorite beverage. That’s it!

$275 per person. For 2-4 people.  Included in the price : Meals – breakfast(1), lunch(2) and dinner(1). Supplies – canvas, paint and use of brushes, everything you need in the 2 days of painting to complete your ready to hang masterpiece!

Jill Alexander Studio (on the 2nd. floor) is a inspirational spacious setting on the edge of the Ottawa River. 20 minutes from Arnprior & Renfrew. 1 hour from Ottawa & Pembroke. 


*** Please note – artwork done under any artists instruction is not for the student to sell under their own name unless acknowledgement is also given to the instructor by writing on the back of the painting and informing the purchaser. That is a standard moral issue when selling work. Example “Bonnechere River” Jill Alexander Instructor.

To read student testimonials:



Above photo credit ~ Julie Oliver, The Ottawa Citizen

I am proud to showcase the following paintings created by my students . (Copyright of the respective artists.)

Mosaics Class 2016 – Nepean Fine Arts Centre

Parrot Tulip Workshop for a group of 4 friends from Ottawa

Ingrid Warmington Parrot Tulips – in studio workshop

Sharon Morgan – A Whole Lot Of Crazy (above) Water Dancer (below) – in studio

Sandra D. Tulips – in studio

Teresa Oliviero  – Wallack’s class

Teresa Oliviero – Jill’s Studio class

A. Laplante

Inspired by a  door painting from the Jill Alexander Door Series.

Victoria Smith


Beth Loback Tulips – Algonquin College class

Beth Loback Sunflowers – Algonquin College class 

Odette Miller - Sunflower

Odette Miller Sunflowers (above) Peonies (below) – Algonquin College Class


Odette Miller Tulips – Algonquin College Class

Pat Hunt Calla Lilies – in studio